About Us

Who We Are

Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation is a Native led 501c3 non profit organization on the Crow Indian Reservation.  Established in 2018 and intends to strengthen our community through business, entrepreneurship, and community development.  We are devoted to creating thriving communities through a strong diverse economy while preserving the unique cultural and environmental qualities of our community. 

Our Purpose

“Plenty Doors CDC inspires Apsaalooke Independence”. 

Plenty Doors accomplishes this Purpose through a variety of community and economic development activities specifically designed to create profitable self-sustaining businesses and long-term employment opportunities; including the provision of training and financial assistance to current and aspiring low-income entrepreneurs.

What We Do

We learn from each other through community conversations on how we can create an economy that is community driven and respectful of our Crow Culture.  For example, Plenty Doors hosted two economic forums to identify economic opportunities in 2018.

We provide education, technical assistance and other resources to help people help themselves start and strengthen small businesses.  Plenty Doors was recently awarded the Native American Business Advisor grant. 

We partner with other organizations to better meet the needs of our community.  Partnerships have allowed us to provide education opportunities and services, like VITA, Business planning, social marketing, vendor training, ServSafe and Quickbooks training. Partnerhips have included:

  • Little Big Horn College
  • St. Labre Schools
  • MT Department of Transportation 
  • MT Department of Commerce 
  • MSU Extension
  • Native American Development corporation and Native American Community Development Corporation

We work in collaboration with community stakeholders to promote access to healthy food, to improve communication, and collaboration among organizations and to promote food sovereignty. 

We offer asset management services such as education sessions on Financial literacy and wealth management. 

We support the Apsaalooke Community Market– A group of local artist and vendors who wanted to create a sustainable venue for local artists and vendors to make money and to share their culture. 

Why We Matter

There are currently few consistent opportunities for individuals on or around the Crow Reservation to learn the “how to’s”  of starting a business and there are no other financial community development organizations.

Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation was created to build a stronger reservation community through business, entrepreneurship, and community development.

We have hosted community forums led to meaningful conversations about economic diversification, goals and strategies.  Our first focused economic stimulus was the creation of the Apsaalooke Community Market. A steering committee was established and decided how the market was to be set up. 

With grant support assistance from The Foundation for Community Vitality, we were able to provide a sustainable venue for local artists and vendors to sell their wares during the tourist season.  Funds were used to purchase market insurance, create a logo, purchase a tent, table, chair and sound systems, flags and portable toilets. 

Plenty Doors offers educational workshops based on what the community has identified as important.

  • Plenty Doors has offered educational events on savings programs and on wealth management in response to the Land buy back program. 
  • Plenty Doors has offered business workshops and technical assistance to individuals who applied to the Montana Indian Equity Fund.  Four Apsaalooke business owners were awarded the fund.  
  • Plenty Doors is unique in expanding outreach to offer the workshops on line and through Facebook.  Recorded sessions of Business workshops are available on Facebook.   

Who We Serve

The Crow Reservation is in south central Montana, bordered by Wyoming on the south, with its northwestern boundary about 10 miles from Billings.

The Crow Indian Reservation, headquartered in Crow Agency, is the largest reservation in Montana encompassing approximately 2.2 million acres. The Crow Tribe was called “Apsáalooke,” which means “children of the large-beaked bird.” White men later misinterpreted the word as “crow”. Chief Plenty Coups was the last chief to gain that status in the traditional Crow manner. He lived until 1932, leaving his land and home as a park for all people.

  • The Crow Tribe has a membership of 14,000, of whom 7,000 reside on the Crow Indian Reservation.
  • 50% of the tribe speaks Crow
  • The reservation’s economy is derived from the rich resources of the Tribe’s land, which is used directly to support livestock and other operations.
  • The tribe’s annual celebrations include Crow Native Days in June and Crow Fair and Rodeo in August

Chief Plenty Coups


If the light in your eyes will Peer though the clear ice
You will find that the light of my eyes will find yours
I show you the generations of my tomorrows her hand I hold
As you hold the hands of the generations of your tomorrows
Hold them gently help them see over the horizon
Share wisdom and knowledge ,if direction seems lost and
Courage is hard to find remember our old trails are still here

John Doyle, Vice President